San Francisco update

Hello friends,

The day is swiftly approaching for Renee’ and Keane and I to load it all up, and head to Northern California. It has been amazing to watch the Lord provide for our family and to give us unbelievable confirmation along the way. We have been selling almost everything we own. Thank you to all of our friends who bought most of it at full price! What a blessing you all are!

We have continued to meet with the Core team each week for a meal, fellowship, prayer and vision casting. Renee’ and I are so excited for how this group of people is going to be used to live out the gospel to the people of San Francisco. We are daily going before the Lord to cast all of our cares, fears, and concerns at His feet. We know that He will provide for our every need!

We want to praise God for helping us rent out our house without us doing anything. We were getting ready to list the house this week and then a friend reached out and asked if they could come and look at the house. They came the other day and told us right then that they wanted to rent our house! What a huge answer to prayer! These are the tremendous ways that the Lord is blessing us and watching over our family as we answer this call!

Please continue to pray for us. Here is what we need. Many have asked about support and timeline. The best way to support us would be to pray about a monthly gift and start with a commitment of a year. The goal is for us to be a fully operating church in 3 years. We know that 3 years is a long time to commit to giving to us. Would you consider 1 year and then pray about whether the Lord would have you continue after a year? If you decide to give, you can visit  and begin giving March 1st. Please do not think that giving $10 a month is not significant. It is! Our heart’s desire is that those who would want to be a part of this with us would, even if on a small level. You know us, we would rather do this together with hundreds of our friends! I remember when we raised money for Keane’s adoption. We had very few large checks come through. It was mostly $10’s and $20’s trickling in one by one. What a huge blessing to see those names of dear friends partnering with us. So join us! This is God’s church and His plan for San Francisco!

We will continue to update this blog as we move along on this journey.

We have tried to reach out and connect with as many of you Arizonans before we leave! We love you all dearly and will miss you so much! Please keep in touch and come visit us in the city! (Not all on the same weekend)

PS, that picture at the top of the post is in Hayes Valley, which is where Renee’ and I are hoping to live.

Love and blessings,

C.J. Renee’ and Keane

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2 Responses to San Francisco update

  1. Gordon Agrella says:


    We have completed the Redemption support process and the first monthly payment has been made

  2. CJBergmen says:

    Thank you Gordon! We appreciate you guys so much!

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